Winemaking Philosophy
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    Winemaking Philosophy

    An incredibly varied landscape of rolling hills, located near the majestic Apennine Mountains, yet kissed by the refreshing sea breeze, a tapestry of expressive nuances.

    Transportation of grapes

    In this winemaking philosophy, patience, listening, and an outlook toward the inherent potential of each vineyard play a pivotal role. The aim is to craft wines that not only respect the environment but also showcase the unique characteristics of every grape variety.

    A rigorous scientific approach is meticulously applied at every step of the production process. The winegrowers and a team of skilled winemakers engage in a continuous and dynamic exchange, fostering a constant flow of knowledge and expertise.

    This collaborative dialogue ensures that the entire supply chain remains up-to-date and aligned with the latest advancements in the field. The underlying ethos revolves around embracing the complexity of nature, harnessing its intricacies, and striving for excellence in every bottle produced.

    Wine Tower

    The interior of the wine tower has served as a remarkable source of inspiration for the winery's logo, imbuing it with new layers of significance. The tower itself is an imposing concrete structure, designed by winemaker Emilio Sernagiotto in 1964. The 25 meters high tower encompasses four floors, each equipped with 16 tanks, boasting a total capacity of 22,360 hectoliters that is the equivalent to 3,146,000 bottles or 25,168,000 wine glasses!

    La Genisia logo

    The center of the spiral is the cellar, around which the spheres representing the producers, gravitate. The crown of spiers represents the profile of the vineyards along the rolling hills of Oltrepò Pavese.

    Wine tower interior

    From its circular terrace, a captivating 360-degree panorama unfolds, encompassing the rolling hills stretching from Torrazza Coste to Retorbido. The scene is dominated by the Mondondone hill, and on clear-sky days, the profile of Monte Rosa adds a breathtaking touch to the view.

    A vibrant and determined generation, skilled vintners, and the exceptional quality of carefully selected vineyards come together in an ongoing dialogue to achieve unparalleled standards of excellence.

    Unloading crates of grapes - La Genisia
    Tractor with crates of grapes - La Genisia
    Grape unloading - La Genisia
    Quality check - La Genisia

    At the heart of La Genisia lies a vision driven by constant growth, rooted in a profound awareness of the land and a deep understanding of its unique characteristics.

    Classic Method

    It is this very philosophy that has given birth to exceptional wines like Metodo Classico – wines that bear a distinct identity, characterized by a fine and persistent perlage. These wines skillfully capture the essence of the enigmatic Pinot Noir, offering a truly elegant interpretation.

    Classic method bottles

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