White wine Pinot Noir Rosè
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    White wine Pinot Noir Rosè

    Pink, lively, fresh: the young and intriguing declination of a complex and demanding grape variety.

    Pinot Noir Rosè


    Pinot Noir Rosè

    Into the glass

    Wine rosé semi-sparkling


    Pinot Noir



    Serving temperature

    Cold 6-8° C


    75 cl.

    Production area

    Hills around Torrazza Coste


    Pressing of the grapes followed by brief maceration of the must with its skins (5-8 hours). Separation of the must from the skins and fermentation of the same in steel tanks at a controlled temperature. At the end of the fermentation, the must, which has become alive, is filtered and stored in temperature-controlled tanks.


    Bottling, which normally takes place within the month of February of the year following the harvest, is preceded by the refermentation of the wine in an autoclave for the second fermentation.


    A rosé wine for almost the whole meal, thanks to a structure of respect accompanied by finesse. Perfect with full-bodied first courses, fish dishes, including important ones, and white meats.


    Organoleptic characteristics


    Straw yellow with some greenish reflections.


    Delicate bouquet with fruity scents and notes of wild flowers.

    Tasting Notes

    Sincere and persistent taste, reminiscent of aromatic herbs such as sage.

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    White wine Pinot Noir Rosè

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    La Terrazza is the exclusive venue of La Genisia, where you can taste our wines, enjoying one view overview in the Oltrepò Pavese. Aperitifs with cold cuts and cheeses typical, organization of events and private parties.

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