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    Pinot nero Brut La Genisia
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    The Pinot Noir from Oltrepò Pavese is a true treasure in the world of wine. The rolling hills of the region provide the perfect setting for this grape variety, resulting in sophisticated and graceful wines. With its delightful aromas of red fruits, hints of spices, and well-balanced structure, Pinot Noir wines are the ultimate choice for those who appreciate the mysterious allure of this grape.

    Sparkling Centodieci Nature

    Centodieci Nature

    The power of Pinot Noir combined with the elegance of 36 months slow bottle fermentation for a sip of authentic Oltrepò.

    Sparkling Pinot Noir Rosè Brut

    Pinot Noir Rosè Brut

    The latest symbol of Oltrepò Pavese. A Pinot Noir-based Classic Method rosé wine that captivates with its charming harmony.

    Sparkling Pinot Nero Brut

    Pinot Nero Brut

    The grace and the elegance of Pinot Noir unfold through the traditional method, a pure and authentic expression of Oltrepò Pavese.

    Sparkling Pinot Noir Extra Brut

    Pinot Noir Extra Brut

    An elegant expression of the traditional method where the unmistakable minerality of Pinot Noir interwines with the freshness of bubbles creating a sensorial experience of finess and balance.

    Centodieci Noir Red wine
    Red wine

    Centodieci Noir

    The essence of a noble grape with the evocative essence of tiny red and black berries in a precious tapestry of hues.

    Red wine Pinot Nero
    Red wine

    Pinot Noir

    Its red vinification is an intricate challenge that once conquered that, once conquered, unfolds into profound satisfaction. This refined oenological jewel is a journey through diverse nuances, each one waiting to be uncovered.

    Vitigno Pinot Nero

    Where Pinot Noir Comes to Life

    Pinot Noir, a native grape of Côte de Nuits, boasts a rich history dating back to the 3rd century AD. The first mentions of the ancestor of this noble grape can be traced to that era. Carefully selected and preserved by Benedictine monks between the 7th and 12th centuries, they were the trailblazers of modern viticulture. They experimented with different soils, cultivation methods, and propagation techniques. It's safe to say that the Pinot Noir we know today has its roots firmly grounded in this historical legacy.

    Uva Pinot Nero La Genisia

    Echoes of the Terroir

    Reliable references suggest that as early as the 1500s, a grape variety known as Pinolo, Pignolo Gentile, and Pignolo Grappolato thrived in the region south of the Po River. By the 1800s, Pinot Noir made its way to Italy, finding particularly fertile ground in Oltrepò Pavese. While it found its way across the entire peninsula, Pinot Noir has discovered a lasting home in specially blessed regions, like the southern reaches of Lombardy, embraced by the borders of Piedmont and Emilia-Romagna.


    The heart of our manufacturing

    Today, 64% of La Genisia's vineyards are dedicated to Pinot Noir, the pulsating heart of our winemaking. This commitment is evident through a careful and meticulous study of potential combinations between this extraordinary grape and our unique terroir.

    Through years of dedication and research, at the winery La Genisia we fully unfolded the potential of Pinot Noir, creating various expressions. From its classic red version, reflecting the purity of the grapes and the richness of the terroir, to irresistible sparkling bubbles that elevate the elegance and complexity of this grape to new levels of taste and sophistication.

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    Wines of natural charm

    La Genisia is origin, union of history, tradition and technique for a distinctive viticulture from attention towards the environment, by precise scientific methods and by authentic dedication towards the creation of capable wines Of engage and conquer.

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